Dear Charlie Marketing is a modern marketing consultancy, based in Gold Coast, providing tailored marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

Dear Charlie is a fully-integrated marketing consultancy. This means you don’t need to engage multiple contractors, as I offer a wide range of marketing services delivered by the same person. Whether you need a strategy or marketing plan, a new website design, copywriting or simply someone to help you out with day-to-day social media management – look no further.

Drawing upon more than a decade of experience working in-house and agency-side for some of the UK’s biggest retail and lifestyle brands I will help you achieve your business goals and empower you to better understand the impact of marketing for your business.

My approach is defined by a user-focused, insight-led strategy. This means two things for you:

1) By putting your client’s thoughts, wants and needs at the core of any work I do, we make it easier for them to get what they want. Importantly this means you will see more conversions – it’s a no-brainer.

2) I make decisions based upon insights, rather than just following a gut-instinct. By making decisions in this way I can create a bespoke approach to marketing, tailored to fit your business.

I believe that marketing should be straightforward, honest and jargon-free. There’s no point trying to hide behind acronyms. I mean, as much as I love an acronym to speed up sending an email, you’re not going to understand if my CRM campaign in FY19 is driving increased AOV, AOF or CTR, WoW or YoY, when I present this ROI using solely TLAs or MLAs. (I know, right…)

Keeping things to-the-point, honest and customer-centric is at the very core of Dear Charlie Marketing.

As one of (arguably) the world’s best copywriters Bob Levenson once said :

“Before I start, I write Dear Charlie at the top of the page. Then I write the copy. Then I cross out Dear Charlie.”

Sound good? Check out the services I offer here.